Desktop embedded dust collector ÜLKA X2v


High-quality hardware

Air fan 344 cbm

Warranty 12 months

High-quality bags

2500 uah

Are available!


2500 uah


Есть в наличии!


  • Air flow 344 cbm ​
  • The noise level – 34 dB
  • Device weight 1.5 kg
  • Speed: 3000 per minute
  • Size: 140 mm * 210 mm * 430 mm. Tread: 220 mm * 220 mm
  • Power 40 W

Device has to built-in into manicure table. You have to work with one hand. Dust extractor cleans nail artist’s work place. Collector has comfortwble design for customer’s hands. Bags can be easily changed and washed.
Standard kit has exhaust elbow and lattice. If desired elbow can be taken off and lattice can be installed.

The kit will have 2 bags, reusable mask and palette.

Device body is made of shockproof plastic.


Dust collector has industrial air fan with antifriction bearing.
Working lifespan – 50 000 hours – it is almost 6 years of continuous working!

This dust extractor is highly-productive device and It will suit for all manicurist with all types of volatiles. Air fan has rubber seal which blocks dust in the bag.

Warranty – 12 months.

In case of warranty repair you have to pay for shipping.

For your convenience speed controller is located separately from device body.

After using our device you won’t see any fleck of dust!

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